Mickel i Långhult Memorial

Mickel i Långhult Memorial

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The Land of Legends

The municipalities of Alvesta, Ljungby and Älmhult form a genuine Land of Legends. Welcome on a tour of magic destinations for the whole family.

In the beginning the Devil was an angel. He was thrown out of heaven and fell to earth. Whilst falling, he dragged quite a few evil spirits with him. It kept raining for three days. Those who fell in the grounds by the houses turned into pucks and gnomes. Those who fell into lakes and rivers turned into Neck, the evil spirit of the water and into sprites of water. Those who fell into the forests turned into sirens of the woods. Those who fell between the mountains turned into giants and trolls.

It must have rained a lot over this part of Småland, considering the many spirits that are around here. It is well known that in places full of spirits, old exciting legends and tales abound. On a trip to the Land of Legends you will encounter spirits, and trolls everywhere.

You can visit trolls’ mountains and giants’ rocks, holy springs and the waters of Neck, dragons’ treasures and magic trees, places of tragic death and haunted country manors.

When you have found your way to one of the magic destinations you can use your telephone, call a certain number, and get the whole story right to your ear. Listen and enjoy exciting, funny, and intriguing stories!

The tour will take you to picturesque places, forgotten sights, and it will also give you a feeling for everyday life in olden times.

Take a sip of the cold, clear water from a natural spring! Climb into the caves of Trollberget (The Troll Mountain)! Enjoy the view from the top of Blodberget (The Blood Mountain)! Try to get on top of Karins sten (Karin’s Rock).

You are welcome to a free copy of the folder which will make your discovery tour through the Land of Legends easier. The places described in it will be easier to find. If you want to read more about the old tales and stories from the Land of Legends there are three leaflets available in English. One for each municipality.

The storytellers in the Land of Legends

Some of Sweden´s most outstanding storytellers lived in the Land of Legends. Mickel i Långhult (1778-1860) was the pauper who became Sweden´s most famous storyteller.

The rural painter Sven Sederström (1810-1846) in Alvesta and the impoverished widow Halta-Kajsa of Ryd (1792-1857) were two of the most important ”mediators” of tales for the collector of tales, Gunnar Olof Hyltén-Cavallius. Hyltén-Cavallius (1818-1889) was born in Vislanda and published the classic Swedish collection of tales ”Svenska folksagor och äventyr” (Swedish Folk-tales and Adventures”) around 1850.

His father Carl Fredrik Cavallius (1781-1857) was a skilled storyteller. Sweden´s first folktale professor, Carl Wilhelm von Sydow (1878-1952) grew up here and was tireless in his efforts to collect stories in the Land of Legends.

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